Beutiful rainbow ribbon——You deserve to worth it!


Hot rainbow ribbon——You deverse worth it!

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You must have seen the rainbow, it is a colored arch hanging in the sky after the rain, but we can only see, can not touch, the rainbow element has always existed, whether it is clothing or jewelry, there is a high popularity. On the basis of black and white ash in these two years, rainbow stripes have become more and more popular, and Xiaobian will take you to see the rainbow that can reach you today.

Rainbow Ribbon is made of imported raw silk and European environmentally friendly dyes. It is produced by a unique thermal transfer method. The texture is delicate, the color is bright, it is not easy to fade, smooth and wrinkle-resistant, soft to the touch.

Nowadays, rainbow ribbons of three materials are more popular on the market.There are Satin rainbow ribbon,Grosgrain rainbow ribbon,Organza rainbow ribbon.It is divided into two rainbow colors, dark rainbow and light rainbow.About the dyeing technology,doule face dyeing and single face dyeing all available.

Now iet's see the beautiful pictures of rainbow ribbon!

Satin rainbow ribbon

Beautiful rainbow ribbon

grosgrain rainbow ribbon

Grosgrain rainbow ribbon

satin rainbow ribbon

Beautiful rainbow ribbon

Organza rainbow ribbon

grosgrain rainbow ribbon

satin rainbow ribbon

This rainbow ribbon is versatile and can be used for handmade ribbon flowers, bows, wedding gift boxes, bottle decorations, and is an indispensable material for handicrafts.

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