How to handmade a packaging ribbon bow?


Graphical illustration of the handmade method of ribbon wrapping flowers

The ribbon packaging flower is an ornament that is bound to the gift box. It not only has the function of binding a strong gift box, but also plays the role of beautifying the decoration. This tutorial will teach you to make a simple ribbon wrap flower

Making materials and tools: ribbons, scissors

handmade ribbon bow

Select a ribbon and fold it as shown. Generally, we use satin ribbon as the packaging material because satin ribbon is soft and feels good.

packaging ribbon bow

It’s about ten times to fold, then fix it in the middle.

ribbon bow

The ribbon wrapper is complete and can be properly tidyed to make it look fuller.

handmade ribbon bow

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Satin ribbon bow for box packaging

packaging ribbon bowribbon bow

Rainbow satin ribbon bow

handmade ribbon bowpackaging ribbon bow

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