The Raw Materials of Ribbon


The Raw Materials of Ribbon

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The production of ribbon is a complicated process, and the raw materials used are various, which makes the whole production of ribbon more complicated. Let's see the production of raw materials ribbon.

1. PET/Polyester

(1). Strong wear resistance;

(2), poor water absorption, public fixed moisture regain rate 0.4%(20℃, 65% relative humidity, 100g polyester absorption 0.4g);

(3), easy to generate static electricity, easy to pilling;

(4), acid resistance not alkali resistance. Note: alkali of a certain concentration damages the surface of polyester at a certain temperature, making the fabric feel soft.

(5). Good corrosion resistance and light resistance;

(6). Polyester fiber fabric is not easy to wrinkle, good dimensional stability, easy to wash and dry.

2. Terylene/cotton: polyester/cotton features the advantages of both polyester and cotton fabric, good elasticity and abrasion resistance in both wet and dry conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, stand up, not easy to fold, easy to wash and dry.

3. filament: single fiber parallel smooth and uniform, light, light, half light, extinction, brightness is weaker and weaker.

4. elastic silk: single fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy.

5.  low elastic network silk: there are stages of network points, increase the fiber between the cluster capacity.

6. Pre-oriented wire: it can be extended and cannot be springback. It cannot be made separately for warp or weft, but must be combined with other wires. Typical fabric: washed velvet.

7. the air deformation wire: the surface is not bright and clean, terry. Typical fabric: taffeta

8. Polyester slub yarn: filament yarn and low-elastic yarn are twisted, and the speed of elastic yarn is slow.

9. High elastic silk: high expansion, high fluffy.

10. Polyester cation silk: it can produce double color effect with ordinary polyester silk. It is easy to dye and has bright color.

The quality of raw materials determines the quality of the final production of ribbon, MSD ribbon adhering to the principle of integrity, the selection of high-quality raw materials, the production process of excellence, efforts to weave the best quality ribbon.

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