Common printing craft for printed ribbon


With the development of ribbon market,printed ribbon more and more popular in market.Various designs,different colors and sizes...Various patterns and colors match beautifully.So do you want how to print the beautiful logo and pattern on the ribbon? If not, just click here,We will give you answer.

Printing craft

In ribbon market,there are many printing craft can selected.Today we only introduce the three most common printing methods.

printed ribbon

Ink printing

we also call it silk-screen printing。Screen printing is the production of silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or wire mesh stretched on the screen frame, the use of hand-carved paint film or photochemical process. Modern screen printing technology, is the use of photosensitive materials through the process of making screen printing plate (screen printing plate on the graphic part of the screen hole for the through-hole, rather than the graphic part of the screen hole is blocked). During printing, the squeegee squeezes the ink through the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate to form the same graphic text as the original. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing, plate making is simple and low cost, strong adaptability printing is very convenient and fast.

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Hot Stamping

Printing of ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, ribbon etc. In a variety of ribbon or snow ribbon, ribbed belt hot stamping or silver.

Hot stamping process is the use of heat and pressure transfer principle, the aluminum layer in the electrochemical aluminum transfer to the substrate surface to form a special metal effect, because the main material used in hot stamping is electrochemical aluminum foil, so hot stamping is also known as electrochemical aluminum stamping. Electrochemical aluminum foil is usually composed of multiple layers of materials, the substrate is often P E, followed by separation coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminum) and glue coating.

High quality hot plate is the guarantee of hot stamping quality, ordinary hot plate production is relatively simple, mainly using photographic etching process and electronic engraving process. Commonly used plate is copper or zinc plate. Copper plate due to fine texture, smooth surface, good heat transfer performance, wear-resisting pressure, not easy to deformation, is the current mainstream hot plate.


Hot Transfer Printing

Transfer process is also widely used in the gift industry, the printing industry is basically used, especially in the hanging rope production often used in this process. This process has low cost and good effect. In the printing network pattern has the absolute price advantage, and thermal transfer hanging rope belongs to the absolute environmental protection, so also widely loved by customers and friends.

printed ribbon

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